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Head Neck Cancer Surgeires with Reconstration

Head And Neck Reconstructive Surgery

Micro Ear and Hearing (ossicular Reconstruction) Surgeries

Stapes Surgery

Facial Nerve Surgery with Nerve Reconstruction with Auricular Temporal Nerve

Dental Implants Ca of Ear-Radical Surgeries with Skull Base Surgeries

Extended Functional Endoscopic Surgeries

Other Services

  1. Endoscopic orbital and optic nerve Surgeries
  2. CSF leak (Cribriform Plate and Sphenoidal) Repair
  3. Pituitary Tumor Removal through Sphenoid Ostium (with Neurosurgeon)
  4. Nasal Plastic Surgery (Rhinoplasty and Augmentation Rhinoplasty)
  5. Thyroid (Benign and Cancer) Surgeries
  6. Phonetic Surgeries
  7. LASER Laryngeal Surgeries
  8. Bronchoscopy (A Chain of Bronchoscopic Series in Wadia Children Hospital Mumbai
  9. Maxillofacial injury Surgery.

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